Rajsthan Handicrafts

Rajsthan Handicrafts

By |Madhvi Singh

Rajsthan Handicrafts

Rajsthan is an Indian State which is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India. Rajsthan has got so many famous tourist destinations which attract domestic as well as foreign tourists. Rajsthan was a place of Rajput kings who cared and loved their citizens. Being a beautiful and colorful state, it could not be untouched by Mughal Emperors who defeated Rajput kings and ruled Rajsthan for a long time. Rajsthan’s beautiful cities include Jaipur (The state capital), Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Bikaner, Kota and Bharatpur which have been influenced by different cultures due to change of rulers and leadership. All the cities of Rajsthan have their own specialization in arts and crafts which are admired globally.

Since Rajsthan was liked by Rajputs, Mughals and British government too, it shows a mix kind of arts in its handicrafts items. Rajsthani handicraft Items are worldwide famous due to its unique designs which reflect culture of Rajsthan. Demand of Rajsthan handicraft gifts is increasing day by day in domestic as well as international market. The home décor and handicrafts gift items which are being export from India include precious stones, Rajsthani jewelry, paintings, marble handicrafts, Kundan and meenakari, handlooms, textiles, regional crafts , wooden crafts and statues.


While writing this blog I thought following questions which might be useful for readers too—


What are the famous handicrafts items of Rajsthan ?

Which cities of Rajsthan are exporting handicrafts and handlooms?

Which Rajsthani handicraft items are in more demand?

Which handicraft items are available online on marketplaces?

Why the handloom and ethnic wear of Rajsthan are so famous?


Now let us start with 1st question the famous handicrafts items of Rajsthan.

Marble Crafts: Marble crafts are the most loved hand crafted items of Rajsthan which attract art lover’s attentions. Marble is shaped in decorative products and these products are hand painted with the Rajsthani theme.

Marble Handicrafts

Rajsthani Marble Handicrafts

Wooden Crafts: Craftsmen make beautiful designer handicraft items using available woods. Wood is crafted in designer shape for home décor items like furniture, statues, frames, forts and paintings which reflect culture of Rajsthan and India.

Rajsthani Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden Rajsthani Handicrafts

Rajsthani Handloom and Textile: Rajsthani handloom is getting higher demand in the market due to its original fabric and traditional theme. Women of Rajsthan weave handloom items which are sold in the market through various means.

Handloom Handicrafts

Handloom Handicrafts Rajsthan


Rajsthani Paintings: Rajsthan is talent rich state of India where people respect arts and crafts. Painting is one of the specialties of Rajsthan. People from this state make beautiful paintings which are appreciated worldwide and they get paid for it. Mostly these paintings reflect regional culture of Rajsthan.

Rajsthani Painting

Rajsthani Painting Handicrafts


Pottery: The first potter was Rudrapal who started the potter caste. Potter meaning in Hindi is Kumbhar who makes pots using sand and terracotta. Jaipur blue pottery is very famous worldwide.

Rajsthani Pottery

Rajsthani Pottery Image


Carpets & Durries:  Since Rajsthan has been influenced by so many different cultures, it has got different talent as well. Carpet and Durries were woven by Mughals in 16th century. Now carpets and woven durries are exported from Rajsthan because of its unique design pattern.

Rajsthani Carpet & Rug

Rajsthani Carpet & Rug

Mojaris/Jutis : Rajsthani Juti has its own importance due to its traditional look and feel.

jodhpuri juti

jodhpuri juti


The Rajsthani Cities which are exporting handicrafts and handloom items include Jaipur, Udaipuir, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Tonk.


The Rajsthani Handicrafts which are in more demand in domestic as well as Global market are as following-

Textile and handloom

Marble products


Wooden crafts

Carpet and Durries


Handmade Jewelry



All the above mentioned items are in demand on marketplace website which are making huge amount of money by selling these products. The main reason of the popularity of handloom hand crafted textile is the regional theme which is reflected in product design.

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