How to Write Effective Blogs

How to Write Effective Blogs

By |Vijendra Singh

Though writing blogs is matter of passion about the topic or subject bloggers love to share with followers. Generally bloggers and content writers share their experience about something which can be beneficial for people. For example a travel bloggers writes about the places he visits so that the people who are planning to travel same place can have some idea before visit. Blogs are posted on periodic basis to update on the topics, but while writing blogs bloggers don’t care about the punctuation, grammar, chronological flow and readers view point that’s why they don’t get expected numbers of readers. The point is how to write effective blogs, so here I will share some basics of effective writing-

How to write effective blogs

Effective Blog Writing

Attractive Title

The most important part of any blog is its title because readers try to judge content of the blog by reading its title first. Title of the blog should be catchy and attractive which explains entire content of the blog in single sentence. Catchy blog titles inspire people to share on social media too.

Problem Solving Approach

Whenever I talk about blogging I repeat “blogging is a passion” and if you are passionate about something you get full command over that topic. Blogs should have problem solving approach because through blogs, writer shares his/her experience or knowledge about something which helps people to avoid mistakes. For example a technical blogger can write how to install wordpress theme for your blogging site which can help beginners to learn step by step how to start blogging.

Simple and Precise

Simple and precise blogs get more attention as compared to blogs in which writers use complicated words. So while writing blogs it should be kept in mind that language and words are simple and accurate so that reader can easily understand the message you want to convey. Even simple and precise content helps websites to rank better on search engines.

Concentrate on Topic

In spite of writing irrelevant stories in the blogs, bloggers should concentrate on topic and updated information which he/she wants to share with followers because people surf on the internet for relevant topics. Updated and relevant content reduces the bounce rate on website which helps website to rank on search engines.

Organized Content

Organized content on website is as important as other above discussed points to engage the readers. The chronological arrangement of expressing something engages more readers.

Use Some Images

Graphics speak louder than the words because graphics make readers to visualize the topics or subjects they are reading. So effective blog writing must include some images and graphics in blogs.

Rich Keywords

Relevant keywords selection makes blogs to rank on search engines better than unorganized contents. Blogs must include rich keywords to get the site ranked on top because it is the selection of keywords which makes your blog/content unique among others. For Keywords selection there are so many free tools available on internet but I prefer using Google keyword planner. I will share information about how to use Google keyword planner in some other blogs.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly content is also main point of how to write effective blogs. SEO-friendly blogs make your content to rank on higher position on search engines so while drafting blogs basics of on page Search Engine Optimization must be kept in mind. Basics of blogs include unique title, rich keywords, organized contents, use of h1, h2, ….h6 tags and alt tags for images used in blog etc.

To explain advantages of blog writing I have posted a separate blog why one should write blogs.

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