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Gargi khurana completed her Master in business adminstration from lovely professional universty.She has vast knowldege of Reatil fashion and can explore more on travelling as well.Apart this she completed her graduate in business adminstration and given her 4years of dedication in retail industry. She always looks on oppourtunity to uplift her skill and knowledge.

Kids Fashion in 2016

Little tiny steps in Fashion Well! After my last blog on women fashion here I come up with the next blog on Kids fashion in 2016. I have seen that in today’s timings what the kid’s fashion designers are doing, they are targeting the cartoon characters so that they can design the apparel with the […]

Women Fashion Trends in 2016

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” -RALPH LAUREN There is no doubt in the words of Mr.Ralph Lauren who has defined fashion in only one sentence. Indeed, in today’s times women are more conscious about to their dressing sense which describes their personality. Let’s concrete the points of 2016 fashion craziness in […]