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How to Write Effective Blogs

Though writing blogs is matter of passion about the topic or subject bloggers love to share with followers. Generally bloggers and content writers share their experience about something which can be beneficial for people. For example a travel bloggers writes about the places he visits so that the people who are planning to travel same […]

North East Indian Handicrafts

Overview North Eastern part of India has been blessed with natural beauty, nice atmosphere and numerous kinds of culture and traditions. North East India is very rich in terms of natural resources like excellent climate, availability of scarce herbal elements and so are the people who have good nature and verity of skills to make […]

Target Marketing

Friends, I attended a sales seminar organized by an MNC in Delhi today, almost more than 1000 people were attending the same. Topic of the seminar was how to target your audience in marketing and improve sales. When we entered into the auditorium, announcements were being made to concentrate on the topic and write down […]

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations and tourist destinations in north India. Before jumping to places to visit in Mussoorie let us know some facts about this beautiful hill station. Mussoorie originated from the word Masuri /Garhwali. Mansoor is name of a plant which is found at large scale in Mussoorie area. […]

Women Fashion Trends in 2016

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” -RALPH LAUREN There is no doubt in the words of Mr.Ralph Lauren who has defined fashion in only one sentence. Indeed, in today’s times women are more conscious about to their dressing sense which describes their personality. Let’s concrete the points of 2016 fashion craziness in […]

Essentials of Starting E Commerce in India

Though E commerce business in India is growing at a very fast speed day by day and so many new players are entering with lot of expectations in terms of growth and return on investment. It becomes necessary to understand the process and essentials of starting E commerce in India. I have tried my best […]

Why One Should Write Blogs

Today while coming back from office I was thinking about benefits of writing blogs or why one should write blogs. Since blogging is one of my hobbies, I love writing my experiences about the places I travel, products I use and many other topics but when I think how I developed habit of writing and […]

My Trip To Imphal

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  -Albert Einstein Companies I work for keep me travelling across the country and I enjoy seeing and experiencing new places, nature, tradition and local languages. I love to travel in hills and in 2012 Almighty gave me a chance to visit Imphal, one of […]

Family in the Hills

Life in Delhi was at static pace. projects to design offices , residences and other brick and mortar livelihoods were coming and going, ahem ! Everyday scenario and what do we do then like good city bred, we take a holiday and where , right again a holiday in the hills and then it happened […]